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Welcome to

Welcome to the 2nd version of!

The web site has been rebuilt from the ground up. As with the previous version of, every page has been completely reprogrammed to offer more options and an easier browsing experience. Here's a list of some of the new features:

  • An avatar of yours truly, Aeverine Zinn-Nieves on every page.
  • New graphics-like format keeps information in its own cell for easier viewing
  • A new index page. with cross-referencing links: click on a graphic to show only information about the linked graphic.
  • Printer-friendly link on each page (Coming Soon).
  • New icons on every page. (Coming Soon)

And what I hope is the best feature of all, is allowing you to for the first time ever to download desktop wallpaper!  (more information wil be posted on Aeverine's Hot Topics)

You have obviously figured out how to access to the news section where I will periodically post information here about everything or new features to

You can use my homepage to review the latest updates to the Aeverine Zinn Family of sites -- both on and on the sites on the right! This was a very popular request when I took suggestions before beginning the revamp. With a few thousand sections and several hundred web pages, it's hard to find what's been added or changed recently. This section will help.

Several new features will be added to as more people get accustomed to the new format. As always, I'm interested in hearing what you think and what suggestions you may have. Be sure to e-mail me by clicking Contact Aeverine link.

Thanks for making what it is! I hope you like the new features and find them helpful!



A new Position at NO SIR GIFTS has been added with a storage/organization recall as of March 17, 2006.

This is the official web site of NO SIR GIFTS. The site shows gifts and gift accessories that NO SIR GIFTS sells. launced in January 2006.


A new message board will be replacing the MSN message board and two more spin-off site will be launched in the fall 2006.

Currently, the site is back online. This is one of the largest sites that I have created, we have over 5,000 visitors a month and growing. The site covers all 10 markets that cover Indiana. The site launched on MSN Groups in June 2004 and launced a year later. The first story on was the WPTA-WISE Merger.


Another site that is a spin-off from The Indiana State News Center amd Discussion. I call WTHR NBC 13 Indianapolis and features multimedia ONLY from NBC 13 Indianapolis. The site was launced in  October 2005 as part of NBC 13's 20th Anniversary of Sunrise , the NBC 13 mornign news.


This is the web site of ATE Media's flagship station.

At ATE Media Corporation

ATE Media is a division of NO SIR GIFTS and has been since March 2006. ATE Media Corporation owns and operate over 4 dozen stations in the INFT.

ATE Media was founded in October 1982.


Coming Soon:  A member wanted a WikiCities for INFT but I came up with the next best thing--A News Music Search Archive and a wiki site.

The site has been revamped in March 2006.

Indiana Fantasy Television is a television stilulator and allows FTV Media Giants to own and operate an unlimited number of stations since Mid-2004.

INFT launched on November 19, 2003.

At is my official transition page. I began my official transition from male to femal on December 1, 2004.

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