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Robyn and I are well aware of it. While I was assembling the FTV Guides for a few editions, there were many stations in a few markets  that have been scheduling another show that causes conflicts with another station in the same market. It has costed a few stations in South Bend and Lansing votes. I won't mention stations, but it seems that they don't know what programs are available.

So with that in mind, Robyn and I have assembled a list of shows that stations might want to air. You can still make your own programming called tier one programming. They are the keys to winning the most votes.

Tier One Programs:

Midwest Wheel of Fortune (RLMH Broadcasting as of 1-3-05)
Scrabble (RLMH Broadcasting as of 1-3-05)
Greed (RLMH Broadcasting)
Amanda and Elisa (ATE Media Corp.)
Franky and Clarissa Explains It All (ATE Media Corp.)
Poker (ATE Media Corp. as of 3-14-05)
Aeverine (ATE Media Corp. as of 3-15-05)

and Indiana FTA has declared the following tier one programs from MHB Television:

(Local Region Area) Live
Evening Magazine

Also Indiana FTA is accepting advertising images 150 pixel  height and 700 pixel width . You can e-mail them to me at or This will help you get votes for your station(s.)

I hope that this will help your company a lot.


Aeverine Zinn-Nieves
Indiana FTA Founder and Manager