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.: Aeverine Zinn-Nieves :.

Aeverine Zinn-Nieves (born in Chicago on January 4, 1983 as Frank Zinn) is one of Indiana's popular transgendered women and was one a top-rated student from 1988 until 2002. She was best known for the ATE Media 2001 Original Documentary "Senior Memory" and education reporter for the Marion, Indiana fantasy television station WMRI-FTV. Her best known news reports were the 1993 Tricia Reitler case and 2001 Mississinewa 500 (in which she calls the Mississinewa High School Prom.)

She created two ATE Media animated Comedies in 2004 and 2006 called "Amanda and Elisa" and "Queen of The Willis, "repectively.  She co-wrote a controvercial 1998 episode ofthe ATE Media Soap Opera "Franky and Clarissa Explains It All" with Michael Kitchekwan.

Zinn-Nieves is also known for her activism against criminals, particularly those who target transgendered individuals in Indiana. In the spring of 2002, Zinn-Nieves was assistant manager for NO SIR GIFTS, a gifts company in Marion, Indiana. She and her mother, Margaret, had founded NO SIR GIFTS in Van Buren, Indiana in July 1986. On May 10, 2002, Margaret passed away from liver and kidney failure. Three months later on August 10, Aeverine's brother, Albert, committed suicide while on vacation. 

It wasn't long after both Albert's and Margaret's death that the Zinn family turned their grief into action, subsequently, they founded the Margaret Zinn Home Buisiness Resource Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the memory of Margaret Zinn.  On November 1, 2003, her transition from male to female began and launched

Today, Zinn-Nieves continues to testify before Indiana state legislatures on transgender's rights issues. Her latest efforts include lobbying for an Indiana-statewide law protecting transgendered Hoosiers.

Zinn has also been the headquarters manager of NO SIR GIFTS of Marion, Indiana since Marcg 2005. She was selected as headquarters manager after the previous headquarters manager left for Virginia. By that time, Zinn-Nieves was already well-known because of the 1986 launch of NO SIR GIFTS and working her way up the management ladder.

In August 2004, Zinn-Nieves attempted to boycott deceptive advertising from Desco Floor Finishes and a 2005 Altoids commercial that degrades transgender rights. That started the launch of The Indiana State News Center and Discussion.

In Febuary 2006, another big break came when she received word that a homophobic tenant was being ecvicted and paid five customers over $3,000  in cash and prizes just for giving her tips that lead to the homophobic tenant's eviction.

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